Komar one - how does it work? (Select a design, tailor to your own wall, order, pay)

1. Click on “Browse through our collection”
Select a collection, category (nature, landscape, design, children's, outer space) or colour.

2. After opening the desired design, you can select the “adapt size” details window in the bottom right area.

3. The configurator opens and you can enter the width and height of your wall. If your desired wallpaper size differs from the wall size, you can enter the width and height of the wallpaper in the field below (Note: some people like the wallpaper to be smaller than the actual wall). For easier wallpapering, we recommend adding 5-10 cm per sheet.

4. In the customisation field, you can customise the design so that it is reversed, or you can also shift it if you like. Zoom allows you to enlarge the design. Please note that losses in quality must be expected when zoomed in by 50% or over as the image can become pixelated. For best results we recommend zooming in by no more than 75%.

5. If you are satisfied with the design and the measurements, add it to the basket (details window: “add to basket”).

6. In the basket you can check over your order and either “continue shopping” or “proceed to the checkout”.

7. Your data: Before you send off your order in the next window, enter your data, or log in if you are already a customer.

8. Delivery method: We deliver free of charge within Germany.

9. Payment method: Choose between PayPal and instant bank transfer.

10. Enter your voucher code if you have one.

11. Your order: Check your order.

12. Terms and conditions: Please read and accept our terms and conditions and the information on the absence of the right of withdrawal.

13. Send: Place your order.

I am a new customer, what should I do?

You can register yourself as a new customer under “create a user account“.

I am already registered as a customer, what should I do?

If you already have a user account, log in here with your “email address” and “password”.

What is a wish list and what is a basket?

On the wish list you can find wallpapers that you have visited and marked but not yet put in your basket.
In the basket you can find any goods that you have not yet purchased.

What are the delivery conditions?

We offer free shipping inside Germany, Austria and some European countries. 

You can find an overview of all our shipping costs here.

What is included in the delivery?

The delivery includes the wallpaper. Paste is not included.

Which formats are available?

Almost any format is possible. The width of one row is 100 cm, the length can be selected as required. Even image sections can be selected and adapted to the size of your wall.
The image quality depends on the size of the wallpaper and the selected zoom. For best results we recommend an image quality of 75% or more.

How do I hang the non-woven photomural?

In principle, applying the fleece wallpaper is a simple process:
1. To prevent the underlying wall from showing through, it must be uniform in colour, clean and smooth.

2. Lay out the wallpaper before sticking and inspect it. We cannot be held liable for costs incurred while sticking.

3. To mark the position of the first length, use a spirit level and plumb lines to draw guide lines on the wall with a pencil.

4. The lengths of fleece wallpaper are stuck down edge to edge. Use standard fleece wallpaper paste for this. The mural can be affixed using a wallpaper pasting technique. To achieve this, evenly apply the paste to the wall lengthways using a roller or a brush. Using a clean cloth, soft roller or brush, press the wallpaper down. Work from top to the bottom and from the inside outwards.

5. The wallpaper must be dried slowly in order to avoid gaps at the joint lines and to prevent the mural from cracking. With this in mind, work at a room temperature of approx. 18 - 20°C, avoid draughts (keep the windows shut, ensure that the heating is at a moderate temperature in winter).

6. Then carefully cut off any overlapping parts with a cutter. Dab away paste residue on the mural with a damp sponge or cloth immediately.


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